Renewal Schools by the Numbers


A high school diploma is critical to succeeding in the 21st century economy, and Renewal Schools are making real progress in increasing the number of students they graduate each year.


K-8 Math and English Language Learners (ELA)

Test scores are one important measure of progress, and we’ve seen important gains across Renewal Schools. (2018 exam administration established a new baseline, so 2018 results should not be compared to prior years.)

ELL math


Students must be in school to learn, and we’re reaching families and using data to make sure they’re showing up.

attendance Chronic


Schools climate must be strong to support high quality teaching and learning, and we’ve seen major progress. 

school suspentions 2014-2018 renewal 56.7 percent decrease, Rise 42.6 percent decrease, citywide 31.5 percent decrease

College Readiness and Dropout Rates

College Dropout
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