DOE Organization


Richard A. Carranza

  • Chief of Staff: Mary Wall
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Edie Sharp
  • School Construction Authority: Lorraine Grillo
  • Fund for Public Schools: Julie Shapiro

First Deputy Chancellor

Donald Conyers

Executive Superintendents:

  • Bronx (Districts 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, HS): Meisha Ross Porter
  • Brooklyn North (Districts 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 32, HS): Karen Watts
  • Brooklyn South (Districts 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, HS): Barbara Freeman
  • Manhattan (Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, HS): Marisol Rosales
  • Queens North (Districts 24, 25, 26, 30, HS) Mabel Muñiz Sarduy
  • Queens South (Districts 27, 28, 29, HS): Dr. Mauricière de Govia
  • Staten Island (District 31, HS): Barbara Freeman (Acting)
  • D79/Adult Ed/Transfer: Tim Lisante

Read more about Executive Superintendents and Superintendents.

Principals of all schools report to the superintend of their district. To find your principal and district, use Find a School.

Chief Academic Officer

Linda Chen

  • Teaching and Learning: Lawrence Pendergast
  • Special Education: Christine Foti
  • Multilingual Learners: Mirza Sanchez-Medina

Chief Operating Officer

Ursulina Ramirez

  • Human Capital: Vicki Bernstein
  • Talent Management and Innovation: Randy Asher
  • Division of Financial Operations: Lindsay Oates
  • Office of the General Counsel: Howard Friedman
  • Labor: Larry Becker
  • Division of Instructional and Information Technology: Anuraag Sharma
  • Administrative Operations: Lauren Siciliano
  • School Operations: Kevin Moran
    • Office of Student Transportation: Kevin Moran
    • Office of Food and Nutrition Services: Chris Tricarico
    • School Facilities: John Shea

Deputy Chancellor, School Climate and Wellness

LaShawn Robinson

  • Office of School Safety and Youth Development: Mark Rampersant
  • Counseling Support Programs: Gillian Smith
  • Equity and Access: Ruby Ababio Fernandez
  • Community Schools: Chris Caruso
  • School Health: Dr. Roger Platt
  • School Wellness: Lindsay Harr
  • Public School Athletic League (PSAL): Seth Schoenfeld

Deputy Chancellor, School Planning and Development

Karin Goldmark

  • Space Management: Tom Taratko
  • District Planning:Rebecca Rawlins
  • School Design and Charter Partnerships: Melissa Harris
  • Nonpublic Schools: Bernadette Fitzgerald
  • Impartial Hearing Office: Cheryl Williams
  • Education Construction Fund: Jennifer Maldonado 

Deputy Chancellor, Early Education and Student Enrollment

Josh Wallack

  • Division of Early Childhood Education: Josh Wallack
    • Early Learn
    • 3K
    • Pre-K
    • Universal Literacy
  • Student Enrollment: Sarah Kleinhandler

Deputy Chancellor Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications

Adrienne Austin (Interim Acting)

  • FACE: Vacant
  • Press Office: Miranda Barbot
  • Communications: Kate Blumm
  • Marketing and Branding: Victoria Fullard
  • Office of Intergovernmental Affairs:
  • Translation & Interpretation: Kleber Palma
  • Community Affairs: Sadye Campoamor

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