Kathy Park Price

Kathy Park Price is a dedicated community advocate who has served as a parent leader in District 15, Brooklyn. A Korean American immigrant who benefited from attending public school, Ms. Park Price believes that our public schools are the best institutions to demonstrate democracy in action and restore society's commitment to the common good.

Ms. Park Price is the mother of two children who attend The Children's School PS 372 in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and served as an elected member of CEC15 from 2017 until her appointment to the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP). She is proud to have been elected twice by parents to represent the public school students and families in a school district that has recently placed community-driven ideas and solutions at the forefront of many important initiatives affecting our school communities. As a CEC15 member, Ms. Park Price gained a strong understanding of the district's needs and achievements through school visits, frequent contact with the superintendent, principals and school staff, attending and participating in PTA and SLT meetings and public hearings. She has also advocated for many citywide issues relating to our schools and communities through testimony and grassroots activism. Ms. Park Price feels strongly that partnerships with communities and families are essential to the success of our schools.

In 2017, Ms. Park Price founded Garden Train, the District 15 School Gardens Consortium, which connects public school garden leaders with each other and with community partners. School gardens are essential labs for hands-on education that support learning across subjects in all grades. Ms. Park Price created Garden Train as a scalable, volunteer-based concept that any NYC school district is welcome to start in order to support our public school gardens, which are often uniquely led by both school staff and families. Thanks to parent leaders, Districts 3 and 13 are starting their own Garden Train stations with a template that Garden Train created. Ms. Park Price has also developed other community initiatives including Citizen Squirrel, which encourages families with young children to be civically engaged, and Korean Americans of Brooklyn, a social group. Ms. Park Price is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, which believes that every New Yorker, regardless of age, income or level of ability, has access to high-quality music instruction and music therapy. Until her appointment to the PEP, Ms. Park Price was the chair of Human Services and a board member of Brooklyn Community Board 6 since 2018.

Ms. Park Price has over 20 years of public relations and communications experience, primarily from news outlets including The New York Times, CNN, and Harper's Magazine. She received her bachelor's degree in political science from Emory University and her M.B.A. in marketing from Fordham University. Today, Ms. Park Price utilizes her background in communications to foster connection and grow community.

Email: kparkprice@schools.nyc.gov

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