Chancellor Fariña Announces 73 Schools in Learning Partners Program for 2014–15 School Year

  • Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 Updated: Tue Apr 24, 2018

City Schools Across All Five Boroughs to Share Strong Practices

NEW YORK— Chancellor Carmen Fariña today announced the 73 schools that have been selected to join the Learning Partners Program, an innovative and collaborative initiative that brings schools together to share practices to improve learning in the classroom and raise student outcomes.
Through the program, one host school with strong practices in a particular focus area will support two partner schools seeking to strengthen their own practices in that area. This program is partially funded through grants from the Wallace Foundation and the Kornfeld Foundation.
The 2014-15 Learning Partners Program builds on a pilot from Spring 2014 that started with 21 schools across all five boroughs. This year, growing interest in the program led to 254 applications from schools across the City for the 2014 – 2015 program. The 73 schools selected represent all types of schools and grade levels, including Charter, Consortium, District 75, and International schools. They span across all five boroughs with 22 in Brooklyn, 17 in the Bronx, 17 in Queens, 15 in Manhattan, and 2 on Staten Island. Of the 24 host-partner triads, seven are elementary schools, ten are middle schools, and seven are high schools.
Evaluations of the pilot conducted by the DOE’s Research and Policy Support Group (RPSG) showed:
• 100% of participants would recommend the program to other schools
• 100% of participants agreed the focus area they worked to improve met an important need at their school
• 97% of participants planned to make changes at their school to bolster student achievement based on the interschool collaborative learning and development offered by the pilot 
“When principals and teachers are encouraged to share strong practices and effective strategies, it’s the students who benefit,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “Our educators have such a depth and breadth of knowledge and through collaborative practices, we can ensure a supportive, high-quality educational experience for all of our students. As a former teacher, this initiative is a dream come true, and this first full year of the Learning Partners Program will have a tremendous impact for schools.”
“LPP provides me with the ultimate team to learn from through ongoing collaboration. As a new principal in a new school, my staff and I have so much to learn by visiting established schools and talking to teachers and leaders that have already set up effective learning communities.  I love that LPP also respects the success our school brings to the table,” said Sarah Goodman, principal of Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, one of the new partner schools in the program.
In the Learning Partners Program, the host-partner teams will collaborate on one of 16 focus areas critical to improving outcomes and the college and career-readiness of all students. A few focus areas include supporting teacher growth, providing academic interventions for struggling students, and creating a positive school culture. Each partner school will visit its host school five times over the course of the year, and each host school will visit its partners three times, with a facilitator from the Office of Interschool Collaborative Learning closely overseeing the process and providing support as Learning Partners teams design productive activities and schedules.
Throughout the year, the Office of Interschool Collaborative Learning will observe and record strong practices and strategies, as well as effective collaborative learning activities, introduced during Learning Partners sessions. The office intends to share its findings system-wide, further leveraging the innovation and expertise in our school communities toward improving outcomes for all students.
Host schools had to meet five criteria in order to be eligible for the program: have a principal with five or more years of experience; earn at least a proficient rating on the most recent Quality Review; not be “fully screened”; have promising practices to share; and have a principal and staff eager to share their practices. In addition, all host schools went through a rigorous application and review process, including a site visit.
Partner schools generally have new principals with two to four years of experience, serve students with diverse needs, or are looking to strengthen practice in specific areas. 



P.S. 112 Jose Celso Barbosa, Host
Dos Puentes Elementary School
Castle Bridge School
P.S. 214, Host
P.S. 109 Sedgwick
P.S. 143 Louis Armstrong
P.S. 321 William Penn, Host
P.S. 009 Teunis G. Bergen
P.S. 159
P.S. 249 The Caton, Host
P.S. 049 Willis Avenue
P.S. 071 Forest
P.S. 503 The School of Discovery, Host
P.S. 184 Newport
P.S. 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz
P.S. 169 Bay Terrace, Host
Baychester Academy
Learners and Leaders
P.S. X176, Host
P.S. 030 Wilton
P.S. 168
School for Global Leaders, Host
The Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment
M.S. 267 Math, Science & Technology
J.H.S. 052 Inwood, Host
Global Technology Preparatory
The Urban Assembly Institute for New Technologies
M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology, Host
Entrada Academy
Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology
J.H.S. 088 Peter Rouget, Host
School for International Studies
I.S. 5 - The Walter Crowley Intermediate School
P.S. 089 Cypress Hills, Host
M.S. 390
Citizens of the World Charter School 1
J.H.S. 67 Louis Pasteur, Host
P.S./I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington
J.H.S. 194 William Carr
J.H.S. 216 George J. Ryan, Host
Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II
P.S./M.S 042 R. Vernam
Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, Host
Fort Greene Preparatory Academy
Hunters Point Community Middle School
Eagle Academy for Young Men III, Host
Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72
Pathways College Preparatory School: A College Board School
I.S. 034 Tottenville, Host
I.S. 075 Frank D. Paulo
P.S. M094
Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, Host
Astor Collegiate Academy
Pelham Preparatory Academy
Marble Hill High School for International Studies, Host
Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy
Bronx School of Law and Finance
Brooklyn International High School, Host
Manhattan International High School
International High School at Lafayette
The Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice, Host
Clara Barton High School
Edward R. Murrow High School
East Brooklyn Community High School, Host
High School M560 - City As School
Brooklyn Frontiers High School
Academy for Careers in Television and Film, Host
High School of Hospitality Management
Queens High School for Language Studies
Broome Street Academy Charter School, Host
The Facing History School
The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce
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