Chancellor Highlights Enhanced Social Studies Curriculum for Grades K-8

  • Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 Updated: Tue Apr 24, 2018

Innovative Program Developed by DOE in Collaboration with Teachers

NEW YORK – Chancellor Fariña today unveiled a new Social Studies Scope and Sequence for grades K-8, an instructional framework designed with valuable input and collaboration from New York City’s Social Studies teachers, at an event at the Brooklyn Public Library. Several distinguished educators and community leaders joined the Chancellor in heralding the teacher-developed resource, including Dr. Carol Berkin, a historian at Baruch College and Linda Johnson, the President of the Brooklyn Public Library.
The Scope and Sequence, which aligns to both the Common Core Learning Standards and the State Education Department’s new Framework for Social Studies, identifies key Social Studies themes as well as critical thinking practices and skills that students should learn in Social Studies classrooms. The document includes guidelines for units to support rigorous Social Studies instruction and promote historical thinking for elementary and middle-school students, and is being complemented in our schools by carefully selected, content-rich texts and primary sources.
“Social Studies has always been one of my favorite subjects, because it opens students’ eyes about the world around them and its history,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “Today’s curriculum demonstrates our commitment to rigorous, joyful Social Studies instruction that engages our teachers, students, and families. I am delighted that I was able to work with our city’s wonderful Social Studies teachers in developing this framework and these guidelines for units that will serve our great young minds.”
“Today we are celebrating exploration,” said Deputy Chancellor Phil Weinberg. “This Scope and Sequence, this roadmap, will help us move toward the goal we have for all our children: to empower them to become independent thinkers. This is a roadmap to good thinking, and will help our students thrive.”
“The new and improved Social Studies Scope and Sequence offers an innovative, rigorous approach to this core content area,” said Anna Commitante, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development. “The focus is on supporting our educators and students as we introduce them to the wonderful Social Studies subjects: history, geography, economics, government, and civics. This enhanced framework is not only going to help us engage students in their Social Studies classes, but give them the crucial skills they need to think about and engage with the outside world.”
In developing units of study and other resources that support implementation of the innovative Scope and Sequence, the Department of Education will work closely with local partners, including cultural institutions and renowned historians. As New York City students embrace the discipline and are challenged to think like social scientists themselves, the Department will continue to consult these partners to ensure high-quality content and skills education.
The new K-8 Scope and Sequence represents an important first step in the creation of comprehensive social studies resources for teachers that will improve classroom learning and students’ active citizenry and civic participation.
For further information, the Scope and Sequence is available online.
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