Chancellor Fariña Announces Gains in Advanced Placement and SAT's

  • Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 Updated: Mon Apr 23, 2018

The increases in AP participation and performance were largest for black, Hispanic, and Asian students

NEW YORK – Chancellor Carmen Fariña today announced increases during the 2013 – 14 school year in the number of New York City students taking and passing Advanced Placement exams, and in the scores of NYC students on the SAT. The number of students taking and passing AP exams increased across all ethnicities, while New York City students’ gains on the SATs outpaced gains nationwide.

The increases in AP participation and performance were largest for black, Hispanic, and Asian students. Specifically, 11.5% more black students took at least one AP exam in the 2013 – 14 school year than in the previous year and 12.2% more passed at least one AP exam. Among Hispanic students, the increases were 7.0% and 11.5%. Asian students’ participation increased 12.4%, with 9.8% more Asian students passing at least one AP.  Notably, the gains in student pass rates kept pace with the gains in student participation: overall, 9.5% more NYC students took at least one AP exam, and 9.6% more passed at least one.

On the SATs, the average critical reading score for NYC seniors increased four points from 437 to 441, while the average writing score increased three points from 433 to 436. The average math score remained unchanged at 463. Nationwide, the average critical reading score did not improve, while math and writing averages fell. NYC students’ improvement in critical reading and writing was also one point greater than gains of students from across the State on those sections of the test.

“I have high expectations for all our students, and I am committed to giving all students the academic foundation as well as exposure and access they need to go on to college and valuable careers,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña.  “As we prepare every student for the jobs of today and tomorrow, we must ensure they are receiving every opportunity to challenge themselves and pursue a meaningful future.” 

Overall, 39,025 NYC students took at least one AP exam, up from 35,630 the previous year. The number of students who passed an exam rose from 19,541 to 21,419. SAT participation among high school seniors remained the same from 2012 – 13 to 2013 – 14, as 47,848 seniors completed the exam. NYC students across all ethnicities improved on the writing section of the SAT, with Hispanic, Asian, and white student averages also increasing on critical reading.

New York City also continues to offer the PSAT free of charge – which high school sophomores and juniors across the City are taking today – reflecting the DOE’s commitment to building stronger college planning cultures and activities for students across the City. Since 2007, when this program was first instituted, student participation has remained steady. Over 114,000 sophomores and juniors took the PSAT last school year. Results also remained fairly consistent, with the average NYC math score increasing .5 points from 41.1 to 41.6, the critical reading average dropping slightly from 39.6 to 39.3, and the writing average decreasing from 38.1 to 37.6. Math gains were highest among black and Hispanic students, whose average math mark increased 0.7 and 0.6 points, respectively.

Additionally, the DOE is expanding and enhancing its participation in College Application Week, an effort focused on providing college application resources and supports to high-needs students and students who would be the first in their families to attend college. More information about College Application Week, in addition to other college readiness and access resources, is available in the College Application section.

This data on the 2013 – 14 Advanced Placement exams, SAT, and PSAT are compiled in the College Board’s 2014 NYC District Integrated Summary, and are available online.

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