Chancellor Announces Summer Book Giveaway for All Students Enrolled in Pre-K for All

  • Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 Updated: Mon Jul 23, 2018

New Program Designed to Support Kindergarten Transition and Curb Summer Learning Loss. Families who received an offer have until Friday, June 26 to pre-register

NEW YORK – Chancellor Fariña today announced a book giveaway program for all 4-year-olds enrolled in free, high quality pre-K programs across the City. This free package – which includes five high-quality books, supplementary activities, and a letter from the Chancellor – will go to students participating in the first, historic year of Pre-K for All. Students in both full-day and half-day programs will all receive the books in addition to children enrolled in integrated special education settings and District 75 programs. The Chancellor made the announcement at Get Set Kindergarten’s stepping up ceremony in Brooklyn, where she handed out books to students and their families.

The books were selected based on their ability to support students’ and families’ transition from pre-K to Kindergarten, as well as to prevent summer loss of the critical learning and foundation that students gained from pre-K. Each book also comes with tailor-made educational activities to enhance the learning experience for the child. The activities also offer guidance for families on reading to their children and encouraging summer learning through books. All current pre-K families are receiving a package through their child’s program.  The City has budgeted around $1.4 million for the program – around $20 dollars per package.

“We know that children learn about 1,000 to 5,000 new words during pre-K,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “The ability for children to effectively express themselves is vital to their social and intellectual development. To ensure that our youngest learners maintain and build on that process during the summer before kindergarten, we are providing resources to families to nourish and encourage their children’s reading skills.”

“The historic expansion of pre-K means that New York City students are developing critical literacy and writing skills earlier,” said NYC Council Education Committee Chairperson Daniel Dromm. “To ensure students are prepared for future success, they need to be ready for day one in kindergarten.  It’s important to continue to develop important skills throughout the summer. I commend the DOE for providing families with books and activities for the summer and for their efforts to combat summer learning loss. Working together we can ensure that all of our students are on the path to success.”

“Imparting a love for learning early in a child’s life, at the time when the brains are expanding and their curiosity is peaking, is critical to maximizing their opportunity for future academic achievement. Putting a book in a four-year-old’s hands increases the chances that they will be holding a Dean’s List letter at age 14 and a graduate school diploma at age 24. I thank Chancellor Fariña for providing our youngest students and their families with the tools that will build a bright beginning to their education,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

"This summer book giveaway will provide next year’s kindergarten students with an opportunity to get a jumpstart on their learning in a fun and educational way. Parents will be able to participate in their child’s school experience in advance of the new school year’s beginning. With innovative ideas like this, Chancellor Farina is continuing to make learning accessible and exciting for our youngest generation”, said Council Member Chaim M. Deutsch, Chair of the Subcommittee on Non-Public Schools.

Providing all pre-K families with the tools to continue their children’s learning during the summer months reflects the City’s commitment to combating summer learning loss. The five books included in the pack are ABC I Like Me!, Count!How Do Dinosaurs Go to SchoolThe Shape of Things, and White Rabbit’s Color Book. Each book was specifically chosen by DOE content experts to support and build on the critical academic foundation students developed during their year of pre-K and will need in kindergarten and beyond. Individual pre-K programs began receiving their books in May and the DOE has been distributing them to families since then.  Families also received a list of activities and a letter from the Chancellor.

Next school year, there will be over 70,000 pre-K seats across all five boroughs – one for every 4-year-old in the City. Families who received a pre-K offer in June, have until Friday, June 26 to pre-register their child. Families interested in accepting their offer, must pre-register in person with their child and bring the required documentation (offer letter, child’s birth certificate or passport, and two documents verifying proof of residence).

A second round of applications is underway and all families – including those who receive offers Wednesday – are eligible to reapply in the second round. Families interested in applying in round two can find more information on the Pre-K website. Families who apply in the second round who received an offer already do not forfeit their original offer, and students will remain on waitlists at the schools where they have applied.

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