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We’ve redesigned it to help you, New York City public school families, find what you need—in your language—on your phone, computer, or tablet.

We also launched a new InfoHub for educators (including those who work for the Department of Education), researchers, partners, and providers. The sites works best on the latest version of these browsers: IE 11, Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

We designed these sites to be easy to use for people with disabilities—and for everyone. Visit our Contact Us page for more information about the accessibility of the site:

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What Will You Find, and Where?

On This Site

  • Enrollment: Information you need about finding a school and getting your child into a school.
  • School Life: Everything that happens at school, such as testing, report cards, food, and transportation; as well as rules and supports for you and your family.
  • Special Education: Information about supporting students with disabilities.
  • Multilingual Learners: Programs and supports for English Language Learners.
  • Careers: Information about jobs at schools, in the field, and at "Central".
  • About Us: An overview of the Department, including pages about leadership, vision, planning, funding, and reporting on our schools.


  • School pages: Use Find a School to look up key information for every school—there’s a link at the top of every page on the site:
  • Calendar: Use the calendar and the filters to find the events you’re looking for:
Google Translate: Get the information you need in the language you speak. The language button is in the upper right corner on desktops and upper left on mobile. Click to select the language you need. (Google Translate provides automated computer translations, which are only an approximation of the website’s original content.)
  • Need more translation help? You have the right to ask for translated documents and interpretation services at your school. Visit the In Your Language page for more information. You can let us know about your experience with language services at your school by calling 718-935-2013 or emailing Hello@schools.nyc.gov

On the InfoHub

Visit the public InfoHub for:

  • Resources: For vendors, employees, and school programs.
  • Reports and Policies: Find school quality reports, financial information, learn how to do research in our schools, and much more.
  • Partners and Providers: Where people who work with us, but not for us, can get what they need to do their jobs.

Teachers and Educators

Teachers and other educators can find curriculum and instructional materials and professional learning resources on WeTeachNYC.

DOE Staff

If you work for the DOE, and have a DOE email, you can sign into the Employee InfoHub, where you will find all the information you need—from HR to operations, from technology to teaching.

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