Building Ventilation Status

Properly ventilated classrooms are key to school safety. The DOE continues to monitor ventilation in all spaces throughout our buildings on a regular basis and posts updated information on each school’s page on our website, on the Overview tab, under Building Ventilation Information on a regular basis. As always, the health and safety of our staff, students and families is our number one priority.

The DOE maintains and make repairs or improvements within rooms and/or will close any rooms until repairs are made if a space should not be occupied. A room requires at least two functioning methods of ventilation to be cleared for occupancy. This could be a combination of a window that opens or a type(s) of mechanical ventilation (exhaust fan or supply fan).

Please note that portable room air purifiers are an additional level of protection, and are not a part of a building’s designed HVAC system or a determining factor when considering if a room fits the definition of adequate ventilation.

Any room that does not meet our stringent safety standards will not be used for instructional purposes unless it is repaired or remediated. We want to remind you that while ventilation is essential to our COVID-19 prevention plan, it is only one part of a comprehensive strategy to keep our students, educators, and staff members safe inside and outside our schools.

Understanding Your School’s Report

The survey assesses whether various systems of ventilation are working properly and provides a status on a per room basis:

  • Operational (Green Checkmark): Room has at least two operational ventilation components and has been cleared for occupancy
  • Repair In Progress (Yellow Wrench): Room’s ventilation is under repair and will be cleared for occupancy once repair is completed
  • No Designed Ventilation (Red X): Room does not meet the DOE definition of adequate ventilation and must not be continuously occupied.

 We want to assure you that we will continue to monitor all spaces within DOE buildings and complete repairs on an aggressive timeline, as we continue to work daily to protect our students, families, and educators.

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