NYC Emergency Management Travel Advisory through 6:30 AM, September 30

  • Posted 2:38 PM EST, Friday September 29, 2023 Updated 2:38 PM EST, Friday September 29, 2023

The National Weather Service is predicting moderate to heavy rains throughout NYC on Friday, September 29. Lingering showers and residual flooding will be possible through tomorrow morning.  

NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM) has issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory due to possible flash flooding, effective through 6:30AM Saturday, September 30.  

The NYC Public Schools’ shelter-in-place guidance has been lifted, and school dismissal will proceed on as scheduled. Parents and guardians should expect delays in busing and public transportation as they safely navigate their way home. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your principal or call 311. 

Yellow bus service will proceed as usual, although there may be delays on individual routes. If the school’s usual bus loading area cannot be accessed, principals will work with their transportation coordinator and bus staff to identify appropriate alternate exits and loading points.  

The safety of our students, staff, and families as they travel to and from school is of the utmost importance. New Yorkers are encouraged to use public transportation during storm conditions and use caution when walking, biking and driving and allow for additional travel time. Do not drive into flooded streets or enter flooded subway stations.  

There are delays on MTA subway and bus routes. If you anticipate delays reaching your child’s school for pick-up due to travel conditions, please reach out to your child’s teacher. Staff will be assigned to an indoor area where students can wait safely if their parents are late for pick-up.  

NYC Public Schools’ Central and field offices remain open. We urge staff to exercise caution when going outside and to use public transportation whenever possible.  

Public School Athletic League (PSAL) 

 All PSAL games are cancelled. All other PSAL activities may occur indoors.  

Afterschool and Weekend Programing

All outdoor activities will be moved indoors, and programming will continue indoors. Individual afterschool programs may suspend service.  Please check with your school or afterschool provider about individual programs. 

Programming this weekend will also generally continue; however individual programs may suspend services. Please check with your school or community based organizaton about individual programs. 

Stay Informed 

Before and during an emergency, the City will send emergency alerts and updates to New Yorkers through various channels, including Notify NYC. Sign up for emergency notifications at or call 311. You can also follow @NotifyNYC on Twitter/X.