A School Without Walls

Beginning in September 2022, A School Without Walls will offer two new NYC high school learning options, a hybrid program and a virtual program.

  • These new hybrid and virtual programs educate students through interdisciplinary projects, real-world learning, and community-facing action.
  • Giving high school students the opportunity to pursue their interests and passions as the core of their school experience––to study subjects they truly care about in-depth––empowers them to excel and work together to transform their communities. 

All NYC students entering grade 9 this fall are welcome to apply to either or both programs.

Apply by July 6, 2022!

Here's how:

  • Log in to your MySchools account at MySchools.nyc and visit A School Without Walls' profile page, you’ll see both programs listed. 
  • To apply, just click the star next to one or both programs’ names––for each of these programs, favoriting (starring) it is how you apply. 

Come to a Virtual Open House

Join us for a virtual open house to learn more about both of A School Without Walls’ programs, including our mission, vision, curriculum, and admissions process. Visit aschoolwithoutwalls.org for the most up-to-date information dates, times, how to register, and how to join an event. 

How Offers Are Made

If there are more applicants than seats, offers will be made by a random lottery. 

  • Students who apply by July 6 may receive an offer in mid-July. 
  • If you get an offer to either or both of these programs, you will be able to choose between your current high school offer and the new program(s). 
  • After offers are released, waitlists will open.
    • Original applicants will be considered for waitlist offers before anyone who adds themselves to the waitlist.
    • Students who add themselves to the waitlist will be considered in chronological order by when they joined.

Program Features

Key features of both our programs include:

  • Project-based, interdisciplinary learning
  • Socio-emotional support in Crew/Advisory program
  • Internships and place-based learning
  • Opportunities to network and interact with professionals in different fields
  • Student-led conferences and presentations
  • Intensive courses for credit designed by students, for students
  • Extracurricular offerings designed by students, for students
  • Student-centered arts programming

Learn more about each program in MySchools and in the flyer posted below.

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