Learning Bridges

As the New York City Department of Education resumes in-person schooling, most schools and early childhood programs are operating on a blended learning model. This means that each week, students have some school days in person, and some school days remotely. Learning Bridges is a new program that provides free child care options for children from 3-K through 8th grade on days when they are scheduled for remote learning. 

How to Apply

  • If you are interested in the Learning Bridges program, please complete this application
  • Need help completing the online application? Call 311 for assistance.
  • If you previously filled out the expression of interest form, you do not need to complete another application.

Programming and Safety

The Learning Bridges programs: 

  • Are operated by community-based organizations and other partners 
  • Provide opportunities for children to connect to their remote learning activities 
  • Include time for art, recreation, and other age-appropriate activities 
  • Follow the same rigorous health and safety precautions as schools

Health and safety are the top priority at Learning Bridges programs. All programs will adopt “High Five” practices, which are:

  1. Wearing masks and daily health screening for children and staff, 
  2. Frequent hand washing,
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting program space and common areas,
  4. Physical distancing, and, 
  5. Cohorting that maintains group stability from school to program and small group size.

Nurses will be available for all programs for onsite visits and telehealth from 7am to 7pm.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Learning Bridges is open to 3-K through 8th grade students enrolled in a DOE school or contracted early childhood program. This includes District 75, 4410 programs, 853 programs, contracted 3-K, Pre-K, and EarlyLearn programs, and DOE elementary and middle schools.

Currently, Learning Bridges is not available for families who have opted for a 100% remote schedule.

Priority for placement is given to:

  • Families in temporary housing, including shelters and hotels
  • Children of NYCDOE school and program staff, including staff of Learning Bridges sites and other contracted early childhood providers
  • Families residing in NYCHA developments
  • Children in family foster care or receiving other child welfare services
  • Students with disabilities
  • Children whose parent/guardian is an essential worker or was previously enrolled in a Regional Enrichment Center (REC) 

Families will receive placement at the closest site within reasonable distance that still has seats available. Seats will continue to be added throughout the fall on a rolling basis.

Learning Bridges Providers

Click here to see a full list of all Learning Bridges sites. This list also includes information about seat availability, which is updated on a weekly basis. Families can list up to three preferred sites on their application. Please note:

  • Enrollment at these sites is limited.
  • If you are interested in enrolling your child, please complete the application at the top of this page. 
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