Persistently Dangerous Schools

Learn About Persistently Dangerous Schools

Each year, the NY State Education Department decides which public schools are Persistently Dangerous Schools (PDS) based on the number of school reported incidents.

See the 2018-2019 list of Persistently Dangerous Schools here:

Schools identified as PDS must present a plan for making their schools safer. Contact your principal or school staff if you have questions about your school's safety plan.

Visit the NY State Education Department website to learn more about PDS:

Transfer from a PDS

Students who go to Persistently Dangerous Schools can request a transfer to a school not on the PDS list. If your child’s school is a PDS, you’ll get a letter from us in August with this information. In September, we’ll send you another letter about how to transfer. If your child goes to a PDS and you want your child to continue at that school, you do not have to take any action.

Get Your PDS Transfer Offer

If you request a transfer and there is a PDS transfer option available for your child, you’ll get an offer letter in October. Transfer offers are not guaranteed. Offers are based on seat availability and the distance from your child’s home to school. Follow the instructions in your letter to accept the offer. You can decline the offer if you want your child to stay at their current school.


To learn if your child is eligible for yellow bus service or a MetroCard for their commute between home and the new school, visit our Student Transportation page:

Children who get transportation to school according to their Individualized Education Program (IEP) will continue to get this transportation. Learn more on our Specialized Transportation page:

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