Public School Choice

Apply for a PSC Transfer

The Public School Choice (PSC) program gives students the opportunity to apply for a transfer to a higher-performing public school. Your child can apply for a PSC transfer if they are both of the following:

  • A student at a low-performing public school identified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as a Priority School
  • A student in grades K-7 or 9-11 and not in the last grade of their school

If your child is eligible for a PSC transfer, you will get a personalized application in the mail that lists all of your school options. If you are eligible and do not get a PSC transfer application by mid-March, or if you need a replacement, email, call 718-935-2439, or visit your nearest Family Welcome Center—find locations and hours on our Family Welcome Centers page:

If your child is attending a Priority School and you want them to continue at that school, you do not have to submit an application. The PSC program is optional.

Find out if your child’s school is on the list of Priority Schools on the New York State Education Department website:

Learn About Your PSC Options

Use Find a School to learn about the schools and programs on your PSC application. Visit schools to see if they’re a good fit for your child and try out the commute from home. You can also contact schools directly to learn if they have open houses, events, or tours.

Submit Your PSC Application

You can apply to any school listed on your PSC transfer application. Apply to at least four schools to increase your chances of getting a transfer offer. There is no preference order on the application. Your child may be matched to any school that you select, so only select schools that you want your child to attend. You can also select the Other Schools option if you would consider transferring to other schools with available seats. Submit your application by mail by the deadline.

Get Your PSC Results

PSC transfer offers are not guaranteed. The program has high demand and a limited number of seats. The lowest-achieving children from low-income families have a higher priority to receive a PSC transfer offer, according to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015. Your child can stay at their current school if you do not want to accept the transfer offer.

Transfer and Plan for Your New School

If your child transfers through PSC, they will be eligible for transportation to their new school.

Transportation by Grade

  • Grades K-2: If your child lives less than 1/2 mile from school, they are eligible for a full-fare MetroCard. If your child is lives more than 1/2 mile from school, they are eligible for yellow bus service.
  • Grades 3-6: If your child lives less than one mile from school, they are eligible for a full-fare MetroCard. If your child lives more than one mile from school, they are eligible for yellow bus service.
  • Grades 7-12: Your child is eligible for a full-fare MetroCard no matter where they live.

Yellow bus service is not available across boroughs. If your child is eligible for a MetroCard, they will get one from the school at the start of the new school year.

Your child’s PSC transfer offer letter will tell you specific transportation information. Before the first day of school, contact us to confirm your transportation information.

  • You can call 718-392-8855 or visit our Bus Eligibility page.
  • Or you can bring your offer letter to the new school after the first day of school. The school will request transportation for you.

Transportation for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who get door-to-door transportation according to their Individualized Education Program (IEP) will continue to get this transportation. Visit our Specialized Transportation page to learn more:

If your family moves after your child has transferred to a school through PSC, just share your new address with the school. Your child will get transportation based on your new location.

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