High School Equivalency (Ages 17-21)

Students and families from Pathways to Graduation at the graduation ceremony

Learn How to

  • Earn your High School Equivalency Diploma
  • Get ready for College and Career success

We have locations citywide, and are open for students ages 17-21. If you're over 21 years old, check out Adult Education:

Pathways to Graduation Offers

  • Classes in all five sections of the High School Equivalency exam
    • Special sections of these classes for:
      • English as a New Language students
      • Spanish bilingual students
  • Classes for all reading and language levels
  • Opportunities for paid internships
  • Breakfast and/or lunch at some sites
  • Metrocards for all eligible students
  • College & Career Resource Centers
  • Rolling admissions: students can enroll throughout the school year

Learn About Enrolling

Find Out More

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