Find a School

To find a specific school

  1. Type the school's name in the first box.
  2. Click Search. Results will display below. 
    • If you're searching for a school with a one-digit or two-digit name like "PS 8" or "MS 27" and you do not see it in your search results, try adding one or two zeros before the first number so it reads "PS 008" or "MS 027." 
    • You can also try adding periods so it reads "P.S. 008" or "M.S. 027."

To find schools near your home

  1. Type your home address in the first box (including St., Ave., Blvd., etc.)
  2. Select your borough
  3. Click Search. Results will display below. (To see results on a map, click the Show Map button. It's on the far right, if you are on a desktop).
    • Your zoned school or schools will be in the gray boxes at the top of the results.
    • The school's district is shown below its "Grades" information.

No results?

Try spelling out words like "Avenue" in your address. Leave out information like apartment numbers. 

Find a School

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