Information Sessions Schedule

The 32 Community Education Councils and 4 Citywide Education Councils are a vital part of the NYC DOE and make important decisions regarding your child’s education.

Learn about the councils, the election and how to run for a seat on an Education Council by attending a virtual (Zoom) Campaign Information Session.

Watch a recorded session in English, French and Spanish.

For information about the elections, including eligibility to run for a council seat, visit the Elections 2023 Homepage.

The sessions cover both Community and Citywide Councils and are only available through the Zoom link.

Date Time Language(S) ZOOM LINK
Mon. 1/9/2023 6:00 PM English/Arabic/Russian Click to Attend
Tues. 1/10/2023 12:00 PM English/Spanish Click to Attend
Wed. 1/11/2023 6:00 PM English/Korean/Bangla/French Click to Attend
Thurs. 1/12/2023 9:30 AM English/Spanish Click to Attend
Fri. 1/13/2023 12:00 PM English/Haitian Creole/Urdu/Mandarin Click to Attend
Sat. 1/14/2023 1:00 PM English Click to Attend
Tues. 1/17/2023 12:00 PM English/Arabic/Mandarin Click to Attend
Wed. 1/18/2023 6:00 PM Bangla Click to Attend
Thurs. 1/19/2023 9:30 AM English/Haitian Creole/Russian Click to Attend
Fri. 1/20/2023 12:00 PM Spanish Click to Attend
Sat. 1/21/2023 1:00 PM English/Korean/French Click to Attend
Mon. 1/23/2023 6:00 PM Russian Click to Attend
Tues. 1/24/2023 12:00 PM English/Korean/French Click to Attend
Wed. 1/25/2023 6:00 PM Arabic Click to Attend
Thurs. 1/26/2023 9:30 AM English/Haitian Creole/Bangla Click to Attend
Fri. 1/27/2023 12:00 PM Spanish Click to Attend
Sat. 1/28/2023 1:00 PM English/Urdu/Mandarin Click to Attend
Mon. 1/30/2023 6:00 PM French Click to Attend
Tues. 1/31/2023 12:00 PM English/Urdu/Mandarin Click to Attend
6:00 PM UrduClick to Attend
Thurs. 2/2/2023 9:30 AM English/Urdu/MandarinClick to Attend
Fri. 2/3/2023 12:00 PM Haitian Creole Click to Attend
Sat. 2/4/2023 1:00 PM English/Arabic/Bangla Click to Attend
Mon. 2/6/2023 6:00 PM Mandarin Click to Attend
Tues. 2/7/2023 12:00 PM English/Haitian Creole/RussianClick to Attend
Wed. 2/8/2023 6:00 PM Korean Click to Attend
Thurs. 2/9/2023 9:30 AM English/Urdu/Mandarin Click to Attend
Fri. 2/10/2023 12:00 PM Urdu
Sat. 2/11/2023 1:00 PM English/Korean/Russian Click to Attend
Mon. 2/13/2023 6:00 PM English/Spanish Click to Attend