Campaigning for An Education Council Seat

Rules for applying to campaign for Community and Citywide Councils

  • Distribute campaign materials via email, including to selectors, as long as you have not obtained the contact information from a DOE employee.
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media to promote your candidacy.
  • Bring flyers and other campaign materials to the forum to supplement the candidate statement included in the Candidate Brochure that FACE will make available at the forum and online.
  • Like all candidates for public office, candidates for Education Councils are subject to certain limitations.

You may not:

  • Post or distribute flyers or other campaign materials in any part of a school.
  • Ask anyone to post or distribute these materials for you.
  • Use an email distribution list obtained from a DOE employee, or the administrative assistant for an Education Council to distribute campaign materials.
  • Ask a DOE employee or Education Council administrative assistant to send out materials for you or post them on a DOE-hosted website.
  • Mail campaign materials to the PA/PTA or anyone else at the school.
  • Email campaign materials to the PA/PTA’s official DOE email address or any “” email address.
  • Accept endorsements from public officials or campaign contributions.
  • Use school or DOE equipment and resources to make or distribute campaign materials.
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