Remote Learning Survey FAQs

For Schools and Staff

What is the Remote Learning Survey? 

The Remote Learning Survey is a formative assessment tool intended to gather feedback about families’ experiences and needs as these relate to remote learning across New York City (NYC) in the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak. Most of the survey content was created by Panorama Education in collaboration with representatives of school districts across the country in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. The final Remote Learning Survey instruments for the NYCDOE were adapted to assess the needs of children and families in NYC as they experience remote learning in our city. The survey is comprised of two surveys: a parent/guardian (“family”) survey and a student survey.

What is the purpose of administering the Remote Learning Survey? 

The purpose of administering the Remote Learning Survey is to collect feedback from students and families about remote learning over the last few weeks. The feedback will help school administrators and the NYC DOE overall to continue to deepen their knowledge of what students need and their current learning environment in order to inform planning for the rest of the school year.

Who should take the Remote Learning Survey?

All students in grades 6-12 and parents/guardians of students in grades 3-K through 12th are invited to participate in this anonymous online survey. 

When will the Remote Learning Survey be administered?

The Remote Learning Survey will be administered starting on April 17. All parents/guardians and students in grades 6-12 should complete the survey as soon as possible.

Is the Remote Learning Survey anonymous? Is it confidential?

Yes, the Remote Learning Survey is anonymous and it is confidential. When parent/guardians and students complete the survey, they will be asked to select their school’s borough and name in order to map feedback to the corresponding school making the feedback collected actionable at the school level. Given that no identifying information is requested throughout the survey and no access codes are used to complete the survey, there is no way of linking survey responses to individual participants. Furthermore, Panorama Education collects and processes all survey responses and shares the school-level data with the NYCDOE. No one from your school will ever see individual survey responses. 

Is the Remote Learning Survey translated into all DOE supported languages? 

Yes, the Remote Learning Survey has been translated into all nine DOE supported languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

How can parent/guardians and students take the survey? 

To take the survey, participants should visit the Remote Learning Survey page and click on their borough’s survey link. The link will take them to a page where they will find two school name drop down menus, one for families and one for students. After selecting their school from the corresponding dropdown, participants will be directed to the survey. Once on the survey page, participants can choose to take the survey in any of the DOE supported languages by selecting the language from a drop down menu on the top left corner of the survey. The survey is accessible via any mobile device. 

How can parent/guardians and students take the survey if they do not have a computer, smart phone or tablet?

Any parent/guardian or student who does not have the ability to complete the survey online can call 311 and an operator will connect them to support to complete the survey by phone.

How many surveys should be completed in households where there are sets of siblings in the same school?

Families that have more than one child attending a school should complete the survey on behalf of their eldest child. Families should complete only one survey per school per household.

How should the parent/guardian and student surveys be administered?

Schools should administer both the student and parent/guardian survey in the way that works best for them. The recommended approach for administering the student survey is to have teachers administer the survey to students one day during the administration window. The recommendation for administering parent/guardian surveys is through parent coordinators who can ensure that all families learn about the survey through their trusted communication approach. The DOE communications team will also use its platforms to promote the survey among parents.

Will schools have a way of knowing which parent/guardians and students have completed the survey?

Given the anonymous nature of the survey, there is no way of tracking parent/guardians or students who have completed the survey. However, schools will receive participation updates that inform them of the number of surveys that are completed for their school for both surveys.

How can families who are unable to read participate in the survey?

Families that need support to participate in the survey can call 311 and an operator will connect them to support to complete the survey by phone.

Can schools assist students who are unable to read, have limited English proficiency, or require other accommodations due to a disability? 

Schools know best how to empower students to provide feedback on the survey. We ask that schools are mindful of the confidential nature of the survey and extremely careful not to a) influence survey responses in any way or b) attempt to review survey responses. 

What if a student doesn’t want to take the survey? 

The Remote Learning Survey is voluntary. It is a student's choice to take or not take the survey. They also do not have to answer any question they do not wish to answer, although we hope that they will answer as many questions as they can. If a student objects to taking the survey during class time, that student may complete the survey on their own time. 

Who handles the data? Who sees the data? 

The survey is being administered by Panorama Education on their survey platform. They are in turn collecting and handling the data for the survey. In addition, any data that they share with the NYC DOE will be aggregated. The NYC DOE will not be able to link individual people to individual responses.

How will the data gathered through the Remote Learning Survey be used? 

Each school will receive a report that summarizes parent/guardian and student responses to the survey. The data is intended help schools understand student needs and to plan improvements to remote learning over the coming weeks. 

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