Getting Ready for Remote Learning

School buildings are temporarily closed effective Thursday, November 19, 2020, and all teaching and learning will happen remotely until further notice. We are here to support you in setting your child on the right path for remote learning with the resources and tips below.

Set Your Student Up for Remote Learning Success

Ensure Your Student Has a Working Internet-connected Device

The DOE IT Help Desk is available to assist with device or Internet support. Call 718-935-5100 and press 5 to reach a technology specialist, or visit the links below for assistance.

Do you need a DOE device?

Having problems and need technical support?

Does your DOE-issued iPad need to be serviced?

  • See iPad Fixes for solutions to common problems or to submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

Do you need help getting access to Internet service?

Brush Up on Platforms and Tools 

Familiarize yourself with the tools your child may need to use to access remote learning, interact with their teacher and class, and complete their assignments. Use the guides at the links below to learn more and prepare you and your child for successful remote learning:

Set up Your Child's DOE Student Account

  • Learn how to set up your child's account and access the online tools available through TeachHub at DOE Student Accounts.

Update Your Contact Information

  • Update your contact information in your NYC Student Account, and confirm that your child’s school has your email address and phone number so that they can contact you with important updates. 

Ways to Support Your Child During Remote Learning

During remote learning, children look at a screen or read and write for several hours at a stretch. They also complete and submit assignments, communicate with teachers and classmates, make sure to log in at the right time for classes, and keep track of due dates and supplies. That’s a lot of responsibility!

Here are ways to help your child have a productive, successful school day:

Build Structure into Your Child’s Day

  • Encourage them to do their schoolwork in the same place each day, if possible.
  • Keep their school supplies and devices in a reliable, easy-to-find place.

Help Your Student Prepare for Each Learning Session

  • Encourage them to read all directions before they begin so they understand the assignment.
  • Double check that they can access any materials their teacher has shared.

Encourage Your Child to Take Breaks Throughout the Day to Help Them Recharge and Focus.

  • Young children can benefit from frequent, short breaks, about every 15 minutes, while older students may need short “brain breaks” every 30 minutes.
  • During breaks, encourage your child to stretch, take deep breaths, and move their bodies.

Check in with Your Child at the End of Each School Day

  • Even if you and your child share the same space all day, you can still learn a lot by showing curiosity about their school activities.
  • At the end of the day, ask questions like:
    • What was your math lesson about?
    • Who did you see on Zoom today?
    • What was challenging for you?
    • Did you learn something important today?
    • What mood were you in?
    • Did anything silly happen?

Celebrate Your Child’s Wins

  • Let your child know that you’re proud of them for engaging actively in all their classes and completing assignments on time.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments, and praise them every day.

Stay in Touch with Your Child’s Teacher

  • What you overhear during your child’s live class may offer impressions about what is happening in that lesson—but it does not let you know how your child is doing.
  • Don’t wait for parent-teacher conferences to check on your child’s progress.
  • Email teachers regularly enough to understand how your child is doing, if there are areas where they need extra help, and how you can best support them.
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