Tips for Submitting to Flipgrid

Parental or Guardian Consent

Before you get started, if you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian:

  • Complete the digital consent form found once you log into Flipgrid.
  • Use FlipGrid to record the following message “I am the guardian of [Student Name] and I have reviewed and signed the digital consent form and agree to my child participating in the Summer Arts Challenge.

Participant Consent

If you are including other people in the video you are uploading to Flipgrid, please make sure that they complete the on-camera consent form also found once you log into Flipgrid.

Other Tips

  • In your video, please make sure that you share your first name and last initial only (e.g. Johnny S., NOT Johnny Smith.). This is important for compliance with privacy laws.
  • Please try not to show any recognizable photographs of your face in your video (for example, no selfies). You can use an image from your project, emoji or digital avatar.
  • Make sure to plan and practice your video walk-through so you can have enough time to show your work. Each challenge may have a different time allotment for the length of the video.
  • Review your video before you submit.
  • Complete the online digital consent forms available once you log into Flipgrid.

Immersive Reader

Tips for Using Flipgrid

New to screen recording on your device? Visit the links below to learn more.

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