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“There are so many more students who are gifted, who are talented, who are brilliant, who have special gifts and I think this is a moment about creating opportunities for all students to demonstrate their powerful learning abilities." Chancellor Meisha Porter

All children have the innate drive to learn and possess unique talents, gifts and strengths. As a school system that serves all of the children of NYC, we have a responsibility to present every student with the types of opportunities that research has proven helps students stretch, grow and reach their full potential.

Brilliant NYC is the blueprint that will reshape our entire system, beginning with all Kindergarten classrooms next fall and building upon the work of our 3K and PreK programs. This is an investment in our students, our leaders and teachers that begins by training all kindergarten teachers. We know we can do this because we already have in our 3K and PK programs.

Most of all, Brilliant NYC is a commitment to our values of equity, high expectations, and innovation that will allow us to:

  • See children for their strengths
  • Provide children with rich learning experiences
  • Engage student in real world projects
  • Provide opportunities for acceleration for all students 
  • Develop individualized pathways for every students

Learn about the Brilliant NYC Blueprint.

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What is Brilliant NYC? 

Starting with Kindergarten classes in fall 2022, all elementary schools will begin implementing an accelerated instructional model in heterogeneous classes, which will build on the success of our 3K and PreK programs. This means: 

  • All 65,000 kindergarteners will receive a new instruction model based on the latest research 
  • The number of schools with accelerated programming will be expanded in following years– from 80 to all 800 elementary schools

We will begin by training all 4,000 kindergarten teachers to: 

  • Create rich learning environments in their classrooms
  • Provide age-appropriate project opportunities
  • Learn to observe, identify, and develop students’ strengths

Community Engagements

“I’m excited to get into neighborhoods across the city to hear directly from communities about the types of learning opportunities that pique students’ interests and let their gifts shine.” Chancellor Miesha Porter

The blueprint for Brilliant NYC is informed by the leading research and science of learning but no plan would be complete without the voices of our most important partners - our families and communities. There is a comprehensive engagement plan with three distinct phases. 

District Specific Community Forums

Every community school district will host a District Community Meeting led by the District Superintendent. These meetings are District specific and for families and community members from the district to learn about the Brilliant NYC blueprint, hear about the work that is already happening in their District and co-construct what this will look like for their local community. All perspectives are welcomed and encouraged!

District Community Meetings have already begun. Be on the look out for flyers inviting you to your District’s Community Meeting. Flyers will be distributed from your child’s school and through email.

    You can also reach out to your District Superintendent to find out the date and time of your Brilliant NYC District Community Meeting. 

    Citywide Expert Panel

    We have shared that the blueprint for Brilliant NYC is informed by the leading research and science of learning but exactly what does that research say?

    The NYC DOE will host a citywide expert panel comprised of leading researchers to share the science that informed the Brilliant NYC Blueprint. This panel will feature both national and local experts such as DOE Superintendents, principals, and students to answer questions gathered from stakeholders across NYC. 

    • For details, see the Brilliant NYC event page.
    • Please share the Brilliant NYC event flyer below with others in your community.

    Continued Local Engagement

    Creating opportunities to hear from our families and learn together extends beyond your District Community Meeting and expert panel. There will be continued engagement and opportunities to learn more at schools, through local community organizations and hosted by your District office.

    Thank you for your partnership as we co-design the future of education together!

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