Brilliant NYC Citywide Expert Panel


“There are so many students who are gifted, who are talented, who are brilliant." - Chancellor Meisha Porter

This is an opportunity to hear directly from national and local experts. These experts will help us better understand the science behind accelerated learning and project-based instruction. The panel will explain what Brilliant NYC could look like in our schools starting next fall.


  • Dr. Yvette Jackson
  • Dr. Joseph Renzulli
  • Dr. Sally Reis
  • Dr. Allison Roda
  • And our local experts from the DOE!

This event streamed on Monday, November 29 at 7:30 PM via YouTube.

This video will be available in all nine DOE languages at a later date.

Please complete a short survey to give us more feedback on the Brilliant NYC Blueprint. Let's continue to re-imagine education together!

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