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Engaging and Training Parents in STEAM

FaceLab trains parent volunteers in K–8 schools to help teachers lead hands-on robotics and technology activities with students.

Watch FaceLab in action: Intro to FaceLab video

Research shows that when parents are involved in the classroom, students perform better academically and develop stronger social and emotional skills. 

FaceLab’s goal is to create opportunities for teachers to work with parents to enrich students’ Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education. The program also gives parents an opportunity to develop new skills.

Connecting Classrooms and Communities

A teacher guides two students through a robotics program.

Our NYC STEM Education Framework asks schools to encourage STEM learning by partnering with:

  • families
  • community organizations
  • businesses, and
  • educational institutions.

FaceLab allows schools to bring more hands-on STEAM learning into the classroom. It also gives parents new ways to be part of the school community.

Equity and Excellence

FaceLab supports the three key areas of Equity & Excellence for All Students:

Academic Excellence

  • FaceLab focuses on proven methods for involving families in student learning.

Student and Community Support

  • FaceLab turns parents into skilled facilitators. Giving them the training and support they need to make a difference. It also counts on industry partners such as Makeosity Inc. and Robofun.


  • FaceLab uses parents’ existing skills and interest in learning to create opportunities for our students to use new tools and technologies.


Email us at FACE@schools.nyc.gov.

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