Thank you for your interest in IMAGINE NYC Schools!

Imagine NYC Schools is a community-led innovation initiative that launched in fall 2019 to design new school models and completely reimagine existing schools. The initiative seeks to empower students, families, educators, and communities to play an active, central role in creating the future of education, here and now.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! We are looking for students, families, educators, and community members to join together in designing and developing schools. Design team members should represent a committed, diverse, ambitious, and innovative group with varied perspectives and experiences. Design teams may also include representatives of organizations, businesses and industry partners, service providers, advocates, designers, artists, activists and more. Everyone has something to offer!

Design teams will soon have opportunities to develop a new school or reimagine an existing school. We will offer design opportunities to:

  • Imagine new schools: We are looking for innovative ideas for academically rigorous, engaging and equitable new schools. These schools will serve as models for the system. Through the Imagine NYC Schools design process, new school teams will be supported in the development of a strong mission and culture, community partnerships, youth voice and choice, and a robust academic model.
  • Reimagine existing schools: We are looking for existing schools that want to transform using the Imagine NYC Schools design process. The process will support existing school teams as they envision plans for their schools that are academically challenging, authentically diverse, and aligned to the skills and knowledge young people need to be successful in an ever-changing world.

How to Get Involved?

Start a Team

There is tremendous potential in the people around you. A strong team made of diverse perspectives and experiences is the foundation of the Imagine NYC Schools process. Start by contacting students, organizations, parents, and community members to form a team. Learn more about the process of creating a team by reading "How To Cast A Great Team" from our partner XQ.

Stay Connected

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