Physical Education

Like most other elements of schools and instruction in 2020-21, Physical Education (PE) will look different from PE classes in the past. However, standards-based PE can and must be provided to students to support their academic development and their physical, mental and emotional well-being. In alignment with New York State Education Department requirements and guidance, the DOE requires that every school will:

  • Make PE Part of Every Student’s Academic Program, remote or in-person, including students required to receive Adapted Physical Education.
  • Teach PE in any space provided the space is well-ventilated and teachers adhere to physical distancing protocols appropriate to the activity level. These can include:
    • Outdoor fields, courts or open spaces
    • Gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, dance rooms or fitness rooms
    • Cafeterias
    • auditoriums
    • classrooms
  • Outdoor space is strongly recommended for Physical Education wherever possible.
  • Ensure Student and Staff Health and Safety by following all CDC, DOH and DOE guidelines for social distancing, and school reopening policies and procedures including the use of face coverings, physical distancing and handwashing protocols.
  • Do not use playground equipment or allow students to share equipment.
  • Ensure students wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each PE class.
  • Avoid using locker rooms.

Public School Athletic League (PSAL)

The PSAL season is postponed until further notice, visit the PSAL page for more information.

Additional Guidance Specific to Adapted Physical Education

It is important that our students with disabilities who are scheduled to receive Adapted Physical Education (APE) continue to receive instruction from a certified Physical Education teacher in accordance with their IEP Special Education Remote Learning Plan (SERLP), whether remote or in-person.

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