Paraprofessional for MS 419

  • Posted Date: Apr 19, 2022

Job Details

School Name: MS 419

District: 24

School Site: 111-12 Astoria Boulevard, Northern Corona, NY 11369

Send Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio to:




M.S. 419 is currently seeking passionate, creative, and innovative educators to be part of a dynamic goal-oriented team for a brand new middle school. The M.S. 419 community will be encouraged to amplify each individual’s strengths and foster a love for learning. By the time students graduate, they will have developed a strong sense of self, voice, and identity; have the tools to act with social and emotional intelligence, be conscious of their impact on the world; and engage responsibly in a global society. We promote intellectual curiosity and empower civic-oriented learners to achieve their full potential.

The curriculum is aligned to the Cr-Se framework, acknowledges diverse skills, and involves students as co-creators in the educational process by adopting the habits of mind and the personalized framework. These language and mindset habits will be woven throughout daily instruction.

Students will have two periods of "Genius," which will focus on project based learning and inquiry. During this period, educators will provide students the chance to explore their passion projects. Students will construct digital portfolios that will follow them throughout their educational career by uploading, reflecting, and showcasing their body of work. Once a week, students will participate in advisory, which will be developed in stages with a mixed pedagogical approach. The overall goal is to provide students with the tools they will need to be socially emotionally intelligent, develop a strong sense of self, and learn how to utilize their voice so they are empowered to engage civically.

A 2-day summer planning institute will offer an essential opportunity for staff to be involved in developing the school’s culture and instructional program. Because we believe that all staff members play an important role in the education of our students, the school will offer opportunities for paraprofessionals to participate in activities like:

- After school and/or Saturday tutoring, enrichment, sports, arts, and family programs

- In-house school committees and/or special programs.

Advance notice of dates will be supplied, and those who participate will be compensated according to the terms of the UFT contract. Staff participation in these activities is voluntary, although strongly encouraged, as they are very important to the development of the school.


UFT Paraprofessionals hired after 2004 must have a Level 1 NYSED Teaching Assistant Certificate. UFT Paraprofessionals hired before 2004 currently on DOE payroll are eligible for this position.


Because roles in small schools are varied and complex, serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate in their resume and cover letter experience and/or willingness to commit to the school’s mission and core beliefs and to become involved in these essential aspects:

  • Working within a non-traditional school schedule and organization structure that meets the needs of English Language learners and students requiring special education services
  • Supporting students in the classroom
  • Contributing to student observation and documentation files
  • Collaborating with individual teachers and teacher teams to provide targeted, small group and one-on-one instructional support to students
  • Working with teachers to implement an integrated curriculum and student-centered environment
  • Collaborating with teachers to create a learning environment where students’ emotional and social needs are met through conflict resolution, peer mediation, collaborative learning, team building activities, etc.
  • Seeking professional growth experiences, and contributing to the professional growth of colleagues


The successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Willingness to carry out the above duties and responsibilities
  • Ability to assist teachers in implementing reading and writing strategies in daily lessons
  • Ability to assist teachers in implementing mathematical and scientific strategies in student’s daily lessons
  • Ability to assist teachers in implementing study skills and organizational strategies in student’s daily lessons
  • Ability to work with classroom teachers to implement collaborative learning activities
  • Strong student management skills
  • Ability to professionally and effectively communicate orally and in writing with colleagues and students
  • Ability to work in teams and collaborate and support school wide initiatives to support student engagement and learning
  • Commitment to continuous professional growth (i.e. professional development, formal education, outside reading)
  • Experience or willingness to learn how to support the use of technology in the classroom to improve student learning
  • Ability to assist teachers in all independent, partner, group and whole class projects, work and activities
  • Excellent attendance, punctuality and organizational skills

In addition to the cover letter, resume, and interview, applicants must present three references including, if possible, one from a current supervisor. Other references might include a colleague with whom the applicant has collaborated, and/or a professional organization or staff development representative.


As per Collective Bargaining Agreement

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D

It is the policy of the Department of Education of the City of New York to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, age, marital status, partnership status, disability, sexual orientation, gender(sex), military status, unemployment status, caregiver status, consumer credit history, prior record of arrest or conviction(except as permitted by law), predisposing genetic characteristics, or status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual offenses and stalking, and to maintain an environment free of harassment on any of the above - noted grounds, including sexual harassment or retaliation. For more information, please refer to the DOE Non - Discrimination Policy.