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Free and By Donation Yoga, Dance, and Gymnastics Virtual Classes
Deadline: July 15, 2020
Event: July 8-August 14, 2020
Contact: Paul Keoni Chun/212-643-9013
Join Keoni Movement Arts for online yoga, dance, and gymnastics classes taught via Zoom for students ages 3-12. Students ages 13 and up may attend free Yoga Dance Flow classes, which is like a yoga and a dance class in one. Learn more and register.

High Schools

Online Coding Programs for Young Women at the New-York Historical Society 
Deadline: Ongoing 
Event: Ongoing 
Learn to code online in a supportive environment exclusively for girls. Explore how women across the spectrum of race, class, and sexuality exercised power and effected change. Share untold stories of women throughout history, and code digital projects that make a difference in the world and help fight the gender gap. Participants will interact with a live instructor and a community of young women, engage in pair work and collaborate with other teens learning to code online, learn coding to design and build their own digital projects, and get mentored by a wide range of women leaders in technology. This opportunity is open to any high school student who self-identifies as a woman. Learn more and register.

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