Project PIVOT


What is Project PIVOT?

The focus of Project PIVOT is to have Community Based Organizations (CBOs) engage young people during a pivotal point in their development to guide and nurture them towards their full potential. Activities designed by community partners to support identified students are aligned with, and reinforced by the five pillars of Project PIVOT:


Participants examine themselves and explore new possibilities to identify true passions in their lives and to turn obstacles they have faced into opportunities for growth.


Participants are expected to have strong moral principles and be upstanding citizens in their school and home communities.


Participants voices are elevated to articulate the challenges young people are facing, and after being trained, are provided opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities by speaking on behalf of their peers to make systematic changes in their communities they feel are needed.


Participants have a sense of hopefulness and confidence about their future goals and aspirations.


Pivot participants are persistent in the pursuit of their goals and will possess the mental and moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship with a courageous conviction in themselves.