Civics for All

The DOE believes civics education is an essential part of every student’s core academic experience. We launched the Civics for All initiative to strengthen opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge related to democracy. The goal is for all our students to be engaged community members who can think critically and are empowered to chart the course that our city and country take. Civics for All helps schools support students in making connections between history, current events, and democratic structures.

Civics Week

In 2024 Civics Week will be taking place March 11-15, 2024. Civics Week is a time for schools across the city to celebrate youth voice, civic empowerment, and the importance of registering to vote. Civics Week includes efforts to get every young person to understand that their voice matters and that they can create change as active participants of their community.

Student Voter Registration Drive

As an integral part of Civics Week each year, the DOE hosts an annual Student Voter Registration drive for U.S. citizens who are 16 years of age or older. This year’s student voter registration drive will take place in NYCDOE high schools from March 11-15, 2024.

Civics for All Poster Contest 

New York City students in grades K through 12 are invited each year during Civics Week to showcase their civic engagement and artistic talent by participating in the annual NYCDOE Civics for All Poster Contest. The annual poster contest encourages students to:

  • Learn about important issues
  • Realize why student voice matters
  • Understand and amplify why voting and active civic participation are important

View the 2022 winning posters and the 2023 winning posters.


SoapboxNYC is a public speaking competition that calls on students to speak out about issues that affect them and their communities. Students create and advocate for solutions to improve their schools, communities, and the lives of other young people. Watch the Welcome to Project Soapbox video  to see the event in action. 

Resources for Schools

Teachers and administrators who want to learn more about Civics for All and Civics Week should visit the Civics for All InfoHub page .

Resources for Students

Civics for All Comics

Action Activists comics

The NYCDOE Civics for All and Social Studies team collaborated with Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, the authors of the well-regarded and highly popular Action Presidents and Action Philosophers series, to create Action Activists  and Action Activists #2 .

Action Activists is intended for middle school students. It can be used to teach about how our system of government works and how students can become civically engaged as a part of the Civics for All initiative. The resources linked in the resource guide have been curated to support teachers in using Action Activists in the classroom.

Registered comic

The NYCDOE Civics for All and Social Studies team collaborated with Good Trouble Comics to create Registered , a comic retelling of the passage of the 26th Amendment.