Moving to Middle School

Students in District Schools

Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in district schools participate in the same middle school admissions process as their non-disabled peers.

If you child may need an accessible school, visit the page on Enrollment for Students with Accessibility Needs.

Students in Specialized Programs

ASD and ACES Programs

  • Students in ASD and ACES programs must complete the same middle school application as their non-disabled peers.
  • If you want your child to continue in a specialized program you must also complete an application for the program. Your child's guidance counselor can give you the application and submit it once it is completed.

Bilingual Special Education Program (BSE)

  • If your child is in a BSE program, talk with your IEP team about whether or not your child will require this program in middle school.
  • If so, the central team will work with you to find an appropriate school. For more information, visit the page on specialized programs.

Students in District 75

  • Students in District 75 programs who will continue in a District 75 program for middle school are not required to participate in the middle school admissions process.
  • Talk to the IEP team to determine if a less restrictive environment may be right for your child at this time. For more information, visit the page on District 75.

Special Education Supports and Services

The expectations and schedule in middle school may be different from what your child experienced in elementary school. Work with your child's IEP team to determine which supports and services your child will need in middle school. Some things you may want to discuss are:

  • Special education program options (for example: whether or not your child will need full- or part-time support from a special education teacher and in what subject areas)
  • Opportunities to be in class with non-disabled peers
  • Related service duration, frequency, and location
  • Testing accommodations
  • Post-secondary goals and transition planning

Visit the Middle School admissions page for more information.

If your child is already in middle school, visit the Moving to High School page to learn about the transition beginning in sixth grade.