NYC Great!

NYC GREAT! at Women in the World Summit

NYC GREAT! provides experiences that develop leadership and communication skills in young women who are currently attending high school. The program helps young women to become architects of their own future—such as making college and career choices. The goal of each interaction with participants is to have them consider, “Why settle for average when I can be GREAT?”

Participants identify their leadership styles and harness communication skills in sessions designed to support them as they decide how they want to experience life as young women, sisters, and leaders. Interactive sessions and 21st-century experiences work hand in hand to ensure that they are ready for success in high school, in college, and in their careers.

NYC GREAT! focuses on five pillars: College Readiness; Leadership; Introspection; Mastery Learning; and Building Sisterhood (CLIMBS). Students participate in day conferences, college tours, parent/caregiver conferences, and mentoring and field trips that reinforce the importance of these pillars and offer opportunities to:

  • explore career paths;
  • receive guidance on applying for college;
  • challenge themselves to take control of their career trajectories; and
  • empower them to make decisions that will further their academic and professional goals.

How to Apply

Applications for NYC GREAT! are available in late spring and tenth grade girls are encouraged to apply. For more information, please email

GREAT! Day Conferences

These full-day sessions take place during the school year on Saturdays and are designed to help young women better understand who they are and how confidence, reflective practice, and leadership play a role in the continuing development of self. Participants have access to guest speakers, field-trips, films, and mini-workshops to further support their efforts to reach their goals. Participants also attend leadership sessions in a college setting through unique partnerships with college and universities.

NYC GREAT! girls in front of Mercy College

GREAT! College Tours

During the winter, spring, and school breaks, the young women participate in single-day and overnight college tours that allow them to see themselves on a campus as they consider what makes a good fit for them, their learning styles, their interests, and their aspirations.

GREAT! Parent/Caregiver Conferences

These conferences occur throughout the year, and are designed to provide parents and caregivers with opportunities to connect with the facilitation team and to explore new skills as they provide home support to participants in the program. Much of the content in these sessions allow families to experience leadership sessions the way the girls do. This often leads to shared vocabulary and understanding between the young women and their families. With full parental engagement and support, participants are likely to thrive, stay connected, and enjoy success in the program.

Two girls in class raising their hands

GREAT! Mentoring

NYC GREAT! facilitators serve as mentors to the young women and work side-by-side with their mentees as they explore their hopes and dreams about leadership, college and career readiness, and success. In addition to the facilitators, the NYC GREAT! program engages women from a variety of career profiles to participate in Mentoring Days in which they visit women leaders who share their stories, insights, and reflections on being a girl.

Summer Leadership Institute

NYC GREAT! girls on stage

In summer 2017, the program launched its first NYC GREAT! Summer Leadership Institute. Participants met on a college campus for daily sessions and field trips/excursions. The four-week summer intensive included an emphasis on the five pillars and a particular focus on introspection and building sisterhood. In the fall of 2017, the program will continue to provide programming for young women across all five boroughs of New York City.

Sample NYC GREAT! College Tours

  • Barnard College
  • Columbia University
  • Mercy College
  • Rutgers University
  • Sarah Lawrence
  • Seton Hall
  • St. Francis College
  • St. John’s University
  • Vassar
  • Wesleyan
  • Syracuse University

Sample NYC GREAT! Career Explorations and Field Trips

  • CNN Studios
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Women in the World Summit
  • Morgan Stanley

Sample NYC GREAT! Guest Speakers

  • Jess Weiner, CEO of Ask Jess
  • Déjà Vu, WBLS/107.5 Radio Personality
  • Roxie Digital, 103.9 Radio Personality
  • Janine Saulsbury, Founder of Share 4 Life
  • Stacey Newman, CNN Producer/Headline News On-Air Talent
  • Anne Mullen, Nickelodeon
  • Vivienne Pham, Morgan Stanley