Other Ways to Graduate

  • Learn About Other Ways to Graduate

    Alternative middle schools, transfer high schools, young adult borough centers, adult education programs, and supports to help you graduate.

  • Alternative Middle Schools

    The NYCDOE offers options for middle school students at risk of not graduating. Learn about ReStart Academy, New Directions Secondary School, and AIM Charter School.

  • Young Adult Borough Centers

    Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs) are part-time afternoon and evening diploma-granting programs for high school students who are behind in credits, or students who struggle to attend school during the day because of family or work responsibilities. You must be 17-21 years old.

  • Transfer High Schools

    Transfer schools are small, full-time high schools that help students who are behind on credits (or who have never been to high school) earn a high school diploma. Learn about eligibility criteria and school options.

  • High School Equivalency (Ages 17-21)

    Learn how to earn your high school equivalency diploma (formerly the GED) through the Pathways to Graduation program.

  • Adult Education (Ages 21 plus)

    NYCDOE offers tuition-free adult education classes in all five boroughs for people 21 and older who do not have a high school diploma.