Comprehensive Education Plans

Resources for School Leadership Teams (SLT)

New York State Education Law states that School Leadership Teams (SLTs) must be in place in every New York City School. They take part in school-decision making and help to shape school culture. A key role for SLT’s is to develop the School Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The Division of Family and Community Engagement ensures that the SLTs follow the NYSED guidelines.

School/Comprehensive Educational Plans (S/CEP)

The CEP includes the goals and strategies of a specific school for that year. School Leadership Teams work to develop these goals and strategies that lead to improved student outcomes.

More information on the planning cycle and a copy of your school’s CEP can be found on the DOE iPlan Portal.

District Comprehensive Educational Plans

District Leadership Teams (DLTs) develop a District Comprehensive Educational Plan (DCEP). They follow the Chancellor's Regulation A-655. Once it is developed, they update it yearly. Doing so ensures that the most current data is available to everyone. For more information, please visit DOE iPlan Portal.

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