• Transportation Overview

    Your first stop for learning about your child's transportation plan. Look up bus routes, learn how our system works, and how to contact us.

  • Transportation Eligibility

    Students are eligible for different transportation services based on their distance from school and grade. This page explains our system, and when exceptions apply.

  • MetroCards

    Schools distribute student MetroCards to eligible students at the beginning of each semester, and as needed during the school year. Learn about the types of cards and how to use them.

  • Pre-K and Early Intervention Bus Companies

    View the list of pre-K and early intervention bus companies.

  • Bus Companies for School Age Children

    View a list of bus companies that serve school age children.

  • Transportation Guide

    A one-page guide to help families understand transportation options, eligibility, and more.

  • Safe Travel Tips

    Get tips to make sure the trip to and from school both safe and enjoyable for your student.

  • Family Responsibilities and Expectations

    Read the expectations and responsibilities of families when their students use MetroCards or ride a school bus.

  • Transportation Rights

    See what rights your student has to ensure they arrive to school safe and ready to learn.

  • Weather Emergency Procedures

    What happens when severe weather affects transportation to or from school? Get all the information you need about the actions we take.

  • Contact Information

    Get help with transportation questions and concerns from your school and other DOE offices. Know who to call, and how to stay informed.