Public Schools Athletic League

The Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL): 

  • Provides athletic opportunities in 25 varsity sports for more than 45,000 student-athletes from over 400 member schools 
  • Coordinates sports competitions for all New York City Public High Schools
  • Educate students in physical fitness, character development and socialization skills.
  • Is committed to ensuring gender equity in sports.

See what sports are offered, and track your school's standings on the PSAL website.

Erasmus Hall Wins the City Championship

The top seeded South Shore Vikings (9-0, 2-1) lost to the second seeded Erasmus Hall Campus Dutchman (8-1, 3-0), 34-7, in the PSAL City Conference Championship game Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at the iconic Yankees Stadium.

The Dutchman had the opportunity to avenge a loss from earlier in the season at the hands of the Vikings. South Shore ended Erasmus Hall’s two-year home winning streak with a 20-12 victory in September. However, in their second matchup the Vikings were no match for the Dutchmen. This is “E-Halls” second City Championship. Congratulations to both South Shore and Erasmus Hall on their outstanding seasons.

Football Champions at Yankees stadium posing after the big win

James Madison Wins the Football Bowl

James Madison took the lead early and never looked back, with a dominating performance on rainy Sunday evening. Leading the contest from start to finish, Madison went into the half leading 18-0. Eagle played a better second half only allowing 8 points and scoring a touchdown in the fourth Quarter. With a final score of 26-8, the Golden Knights won the 2018-19 Bowl Division Championship. This is James Madison’s second Bowl Title; they last won the Bowl Championship in 2011. Hats off to the finalist Eagle Academy for Young Men II Eagle on a great playoff run and congratulations to the Champion James Madison Golden Knights on a wonderful 11-1 championship season.

Champions of Football Bowl

KIPP NYC College Prep Wins the Football Cup

The Bulldogs from KIPP NYC College Prep scored early and often with a victory over the second-seeded Petrides. Petrides ended the season with a 10-2 overall record, the best season in Petrides history. KIPP capped off a perfect season with a perfect defensive effort and an offense that was tough to stop. In their 32-0 victory, KIPP claimed their first Cup Division City Championship with a season record of 11-0. Congratulations to both football programs as we conclude the 2018-19 Cup Division City Championship.

Champions of the Football Cup

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