Your child’s health is important to us. We want to work together to ensure that your child receives the best care possible while at school. Learn how you can help us care for your child, and about the diabetes services that schools provide. 

How You Can Help

Diabetes Medication Administration Form

  • Have your child’s health care provider complete a Diabetes Medication Administration Form (DMAF) for your child every year:
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  • Give your school the Diabetes MAF by July 13, 2018. This form gives your school important information about your child’s diabetes, treatment, and symptoms. It also allows your child to have blood sugar levels checked, and take prescribed medicine (like insulin and glucagon) at school.
  • While we accept forms on a rolling basis, we recommend submitting it to your school by July 13, 2018. That way your child does not experience a break in access to their medication.

Bring your child’s prescribed medicine and equipment to school.

  • Medicine must be labeled, unopened, and in its original container.

Services We Provide

Medicine at School and Blood Sugar Level Checks

Your child will be able to take prescribed medicine at school after the MAF is approved. If needed, the school nurse or trained staff will help your child check blood sugar levels and take prescribed medicine.

Diabetes Action Plan

Your school nurse will work with you and your child’s health care provider to create a diabetes action plan. School staff members will be trained to recognize your child’s warning signs for low blood sugar. In the case of emergency low blood sugar, your child will immediately be given his/her prescribed glucagon by the school nurse or trained staff.

Other Services

Schools offer other services for students with special health needs, such as paras and school transportation. Review health services and 504 accommodations to learn about other services that may help your child and how to apply.

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