Food Programs

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We offer a variety of food service programs to students throughout the school day. See below for information on all of our programs.

Afterschool Meals

Every child who participates in an afterschool program is provided a snack or supper, upon request. To see if your child’s school has an Afterschool Meals program, speak to the school’s administration.

If you represent a school that is interested or has questions, email, call 718-707-4320, or apply for after school meals (log-in required).

Breakfast in the Classroom

Schools offering this program deliver breakfast to students’ classrooms, or provides a bagged breakfast that they can bring to class. Having a healthy breakfast helps students think and perform better in class.

This program is only available to certain schools. Please speak to your school’s administration to find out if they offer Breakfast in the Classroom.

Breakfast After the Bell

Our free breakfast is available even if a student comes in late. It is served all morning, before the first lunch service. All a student has to do is walk into the cafeteria and ask an employee for breakfast.

Saturday and Holiday Meals

If a school hosts an activity on a Saturday or holiday, students are eligible to receive a morning snack and/or lunch, depending on the time and length of the activity. Speak to your school administration to see which services are available.

If you represent a school that is interested or has questions, email, call 718-707-4320, view the Holiday Meal Request Schedule (log-in required), or apply for after school meals (log-in required).

Pre-K for All Meals

Participating pre-K programs offer students nutritious breakfast, lunch and afterschool meals each day. Meal service is a way for learning and social interaction by serving meals 'family style' to Pre-K programs.

Infant - Toddler

The Infant - Toddler program offers student parents and their children child care, academic guidance, and social advocacy. The program also provides infants, toddlers, and their student parent’s healthy, age-specific menus. The menus align with the New York State Child and Adult Care Food Program Guidelines.

Kosher & Halal Meal Service Request

Kosher Meals

Kosher school meals may be available upon request and with prior registration. Parents/guardians may reach out to the school administration regarding Kosher meal service for your child. 

Halal Meals

Halal food options are available at every school.

An expanded certified Halal menu is available upon request through our Halal Food Program. Parents/guardians may reach out to the school administration regarding expanded certified Halal meal service for your school community.

The Halal Food Program was created to strengthen food equity for children in NYC schools. The program applies the highest standard of Halal to satisfy all Muslim students regardless of which Islamic theology, jurisprudence, and opinions they follow. School Principal(s) may request the Halal Food Program through their School Food Service Manager. A school’s kitchen must be inspected and in compliance with a Halal Food Safety Management system with integrity from Farm to Fork to become certified and permitted to offer and serve Halal food products. Throughout the school year all certified schools will partake in announced and unannounced maintenance inspections to affirm Halal product and food handler integrity.

Farm to School

Farm to School schools let students grow and harvest food at community gardens. They hold seasonal harvest events in May, June, October, and November. This gives students a unique opportunity to taste what they have grown. Schools receive culinary support from the Garden to Café coordinator as they plan for harvest events. We partner with Grow to Learn NYC to identify possible Farm to School schools.

Applying for Farm to School

NYC public schools with active school gardens or gardening programs are eligible to participate. School gardens come in all shapes, sizes and locations. Gardening happens in classrooms, schoolyards, urban farms, community gardens and on school rooftops. The important component for Farm to School is that students are growing foods. In order to be considered for Program Eligibility, your school must meet all of the minimum requirements:

  1. An established vegetable and/or herb school garden, community garden, or urban farm.
  2. An established program for the children/youth to garden regularly.
  3. Secured Liability insurance for community gardens or urban farms.
  4. Safe Soil—Soil tested for heavy metals and is safe or contains soil from a source known to be safe.
  5. An established coordinating team that includes at minimum: a School Site Garden Lead (most often a teacher), School Food Service Manager, and Community Garden & Farm Lead, where applicable.
  6. Principal's consent and approval to apply for Farm to School.

If your school meets the above requirements then you can apply online or e-mail a completed form to George Edwards (

Charter and Non-Public Schools 

The Office of Food and Nutrition Services (OFNS) provides food service for new Charter and Non-Public Schools. To inquire about having service at your location visit our Charter and NPS Resources page.