Transportation Overview

Get Timely Bus Information

If you know your child’s student ID and birthday, you can find out their bus route and more on the Transportation Search page:

Your school can provide you with your child's student ID.

Why is the Bus Late?

Sometimes buses are delayed because of traffic congestion or mechanical failure. Check our bus delays page to see if your child's route has been affected:

Take Action

Check Your Child's Drop-Off Location

If your child’s bus stop pick up is on a one-way street or avenue, please check with your school to find out where their drop-off will be. For example: if your child is picked up in the morning on Third Avenue in Manhattan, which is one-way uptown, their drop off could be on either Second Avenue or on Lexington Avenue, both of which are one-way downtown.

Make Sure We Can Reach You

Contact your child’s school to keep your address and emergency contact information current. We need to have accurate address and contact information for each child we serve. We rely on this information to contact you in emergencies.

Request a Different Special Education Drop Off

Complete the Change of After-School Drop form to request a change to your child’s drop-off location. We can only approve requests if we have an available driver and vehicle, and it can take up to ten working days to approve:

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Find Out More

Student MetroCards

Schools distribute Student MetroCards to eligible students at the beginning of each semester of the school year. Student MetroCards are different from regular MetroCards. Find out more:

How to Reach Us

Call 718-392-8855. You can also reach us by e-mail.

When to Call

Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Our customer service agents stay until the bus companies tell us that all bus routes have been completed and children have arrived home safely.

Agents are also available on weekends during peak periods of the year:

  • before school opening in September
  • In late June before summer school begins

When you call, customer service agents will ask you questions in order to direct your inquiry to the proper department. Each caller receives a reference number for follow up in case they need additional information or assistance.

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