Take the Demographic Survey

We’d like all New York City public high school students to take this survey, which will help us better understand student needs so we can serve you more effectively. The survey is optional and anonymous. Take the survey now.

If responding to the survey leaves you with questions about how to best support and protect yourself, the following links may be helpful:


If you are being bullied or have seen someone be bullied, email respectforall@schools.nyc.gov to file a report.

Learn about what happens when you file a bullying report on our Respect for All page.

Yankee-Stonewall Scholarship Initiative

The Department of Education, in partnership with the Stonewall Inn and the New York Yankees, are offering the second Yankee-Stonewall Scholarship Initiative. A $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to five students, one from each borough. Application is open until March 2nd. To find out more information including eligibility criteria and deadlines and to apply, please visit the LGBT page.

Identification Cards

If you need a government-issued ID card, but are worried that your lack of housing or immigration status will prevent you from getting one, go to IDNYC. IDNYC is a free, government-issued ID available to all New Yorkers.

Immigration Status

If you are an immigrant and you are being bullied the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs has supports to help you.

Learn how the DOE works to ensure New York City schools remain safe places for all immigrant students by visiting our Supporting Immigrant Families page

LGBTQ Concerns

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or a transgender student, we have support information for you on our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Support page.

Get help finding a job, housing, and more at the NYC Unity Project.

Support at your School

Seek support from a Student Advisory Council.