NY State High School Regents Exams

Who takes the test?

Students have the opportunity to take Regents Exams in grades 9-12 and, when appropriate, in grade eight. Students may also take Regents exams after leaving high school to earn a diploma.

When are the 2022-2023 Regents exams?

The exams will be administered within the following dates: 

  • January 2023 Regents Examination Period 
    • Tuesday, January 24 – Friday, January 27
  • June 2023 Regents Examination Period
    • Thursday, June 11; Wednesday, June 14 through Friday, June 23. No State examinations will be administered on Monday, June 20 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. 
  • August 2023 Regents Examination Period
    • Wednesday, August 16 and Thursday, August 17

What is on the test?

The content will vary by exam subject. All exams have multiple choice and open-ended questions.

How is the test scored?

The Regents exams are scored by licensed and trained New York City teachers, and follows NY State Education Department policies on scoring of State exams.

How are the results reported?

You can see Regents exam results on the student's high school transcript and in their NYC Schools Account. Schools have the option to display all of the student’s Regents exam scores or just the highest score earned in each exam subject.

How are the results used?

Results are used for student high school graduation requirements, school quality reports, and teacher development and evaluation.