Exploring Future Careers

Talking to your child about their career interests can help them plan a successful future. And it's never too early to do this. According to Georgetown University research, 65 percent of all jobs in 2020 will require additional education or training. Below are suggestions for helping your child think about the future.

Tips to Help Your Child Explore Careers

Families of Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Help your child to explore their interests. Ask them about their favorite subjects in school, activities actives, and dream careers.
  • Introduce your child to different kinds of careers by doing activities like these, suggested by Connections Academy, a producer of learning products. 
  • Help your child develop life and work skills. Encourage your child to make decisions and learn how to resolve problems at every age. Give your child responsibilities, such as planning meals or organizing a family outing, help them to set goals, and work towards achieving them. Teaching your child these habits and skills will help them develop skills for their future career.
  • Talk to your child about your work experiences, how important it is to work well with others, and have different roles. If possible, take your child to work one day, allow your child to observe how people work together, and have different roles, and responsibilities.
  • Encourage your child to attend after school programs. These programs help expose your child to experiences outside of the classroom.

Families of High School Students

Continue doing the activities mentioned above and:

  • Help your child find out about what certification and degrees they will need to achieve their dream career. Advise your child to talk to relatives, teachers, counselors about their career aspirations and connect with people working in their field of interests.
  • Develop your child’s knowledge of the world of work. After identifying your child’s interests, support your child with getting involved in leadership activities, internships, and summer jobs.
  • Talk to your child’s school counselor about clubs and leadership activities within the school and outside of school. These activities will expose your child to the world of work, help them develop skills, and encourage them to pick a career path. They may change their minds but this will help to think about their future.
  • Support your child to begin to build a resume. For their first resume, follow the guidelines in this article on the balance.com.
  • Talk to your child’s school counselor if you are not sure your child wants to attend college immediately after high school. Your child’s school counselor will help your child explore training programs such as: 
  • Support your child to create a plan for their future. Visit CUNY Career Maps and other suggested websites above, to learn about common careers in New York City and their starting salaries. Help your child find colleges or training programs that will prepare them for their dream career.
  • Encourage your child to write down their five-year plan for after high school.