Services for Student Parents

Our program Living for the Young Family Through Education (LYFE) is for the children of students who are parents. If you are a DOE student with a child who's between six weeks and four years old, you can enroll your child in LYFE. The LYFE program is high quality, free, and engaging.

LYFE helps student parents to stay on track to earn a high school or high-school equivalency diploma with:

  • supportive counseling
  • academic guidance
  • advocacy services

LYFE classrooms are in over 30 locations across all five boroughs. More than 700 families are touched by LYFE each school year, and approximately 100 LYFE student parents receive their high school diploma or complete their high-school equivalency each school year and go on to pursue college.

How to Enroll

Please visit the LYFE website for locations and information on how to enroll.