Food Service for Principals, School Administration & Charter Schools

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We offer free breakfast, lunch, and afterschool meals to all NYC Public School students during the school year. Use the Find A School tool (Search the school and look under Free Student Meals) or speak to your School Food Service Manager to discover what menus are being served at your school. Visit our menu page to learn more about our standards and how we develop menus. 

Food Service InfoHub Resources

Need answers to your food service-related questions? Check out the Food Resources for Schools page.

Afterschool Meals and Special Programs

These services include afterschool snack, supper, weekend or holiday services. To start a program, you can apply by emailing, calling 718-707-4320, or logging into your account.

Charter and Non-Public School Food Service

Food service is available for new Charter and Non-Public Schools. To request service, visit our Charter and Non-Public Schools page for more information or call 718-707-4320 for assistance.

Nutritional Standards and Food Allergens

Our goals to ensure students of all ages and backgrounds have access to tasty, nutrient-rich meals that enhance their learning experiences. Seeing students succeed in school and beyond is what drives our passion to serve high-quality meals. Visit our Menu Nutritional Information page to view nutrition and menu standards, prohibited ingredients, menu nutritional information and food allergen awareness. 

Milk Options

Under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs, milk must be available to students as part of their meal. We provide low fat milk, non-fat milk, and non-fat chocolate milk. Schools that do not wish to serve chocolate milk as an option should speak with their School Food Service Manager.

Kosher and Halal Meal Service Request

Kosher Meals

Kosher school meals may be available upon request and with prior registration. Parents/guardians may reach out to the school administration regarding Kosher meal service for your child. 

Halal Meals

Halal food options are available at every school.

An expanded certified Halal menu is available upon request through our Halal Food Program. Parents/guardians may reach out to the school administration regarding expanded certified Halal meal service for your school community.

The Halal Food Program was created to strengthen food equity for children in NYC schools. The program applies the highest standard of Halal to satisfy all Muslim students regardless of which Islamic theology, jurisprudence, and opinions they follow. School Principal(s) may request the Halal Food Program through their School Food Service Manager. A school’s kitchen must be inspected and in compliance with a Halal Food Safety Management system with integrity from Farm to Fork to become certified and permitted to offer and serve Halal food products. Throughout the school year all certified schools will partake in announced and unannounced maintenance inspections to affirm Halal product and food handler integrity.

Competitive Snack and Beverage Standards

Effective February 2010, only foods and beverages that meet the New York City Department of Education Office of Food and Nutrition Services guidelines may be offered for sale during school hours. Approved items can be sold during school hours but not at lunch service times. For more information on approved snack products, ingredients, portion sizes, and other information, visit the NYC Public School Snack and Beverage Vending Service  page.

Food Programs

We offer a variety of food service programs to students throughout the school day. These programs range from Breakfast in the Classroom, Breakfast After the Bell, Farm to School to Infant - Toddler. Visit our Food Programs webpage to learn more about all our services.

DOH Reports

The NYCDOH inspects all school cafeterias and kitchens. NYC law requires that all school buildings are inspected at least two times per school year. Inspection data is refreshed on the first of each month and includes results from the past 36 months. Use the Find A School tool (Search the school and look under Free Student Meals) to view. 

Contact Office of Food & Nutrition Services 

For more information about our menus, nutrition information, approved foods to be sold in schools, programs, questions or comments email us at Please provide your name and email address when responding.