Get Help at Your Charter School

Who to Speak To

If you need help with an issue at your child’s school, please use this page for guidance and speak with the appropriate people in your school or charter school district.

You can find contacts at your charter school or district by using the Find a School application.

1. Start with Your Teacher

  • Ask about your child’s academics progress and grades.
  • Discuss behavioral, social, and emotional concerns.
  • Familiarize yourself with the schools policies, guidelines, and materials

2. Speak with your charter school’s parent staff member

  • If you can’t resolve a concern with your child’s teacher.
  • To learn more about school services and programs.
  • To request translation and interpretation services.

3. Meet with your Principal or Assistant Principal

  • If you can’t resolve your concern with your charter school’s parent staff member and have already talked to the teacher.
  • Call the school to make an appointment to speak with the principal or assistant principal.

4. File a formal complaint

Parents have the right to file complaints about matters affecting a child’s education if you cannot resolve the issue at your school or district.

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