• Talking About Disability

    Talking to children about disability can help them better understand themselves and their peers. Find information to help you get the conversation started.

  • Your Rights

    Learn your child’s rights to a Free Appropriate Public Education and your rights to be involved through Due Process.

  • Getting Support

    Get resources to help answer questions about your child's special education needs and services and get contact information for DOE staff.

  • Impartial Hearings

    If you have a child with disabilities whom you believe did not receive a free and appropriate public education or reasonable accommodations, you can request an impartial hearing.

  • Contacts and Resources

    Get a list of contacts that can help answer questions and resolve concerns about your child’s special education evaluation, supports, and services.

  • Special Education Glossary

    See an alphabetical listing of many of the Special Education terms that you and your child may need to understand.

  • Committees on Special Education

    Learn about the Committees on Preschool Special Education and Committees on Special Education and get contact information for them

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