What’s Your Next Step, Graduating Class?

Get the Support You Need to Start Your Postsecondary Journey

College and Career Bridge for All (a NYCPS partnership with CUNY K-16) ensures every senior in each graduating class has the support they need to successfully transition to their next step—whether college, a career training program, an employment opportunity, or beyond! Bridge Coaches will begin reaching out to students in mid-June, but seniors can take the first step today by signing- up for College and Career Advising Texts so we have your most updated contact information! 

Who Is a Bridge Coach?

A Bridge Coach is a NYCPS alumni, currently in college and trained to help you navigate your future path. Starting in early June through early fall, Bridge Coaches will offer graduates weekly outreach and support through emails, texts, calls and video chats. All students in the NYCPS graduating class will receive support from a Bridge Coach. 

Bridge Coach Support

  • Confirm plans for after graduation—whether college, training program, or employment.
  • Complete enrollment paperwork.
  • Complete financial aid forms and provide financial literacy resources.
  • Support during the first month of graduate's postsecondary program.
  • Advise on what to expect after graduation.
  • Discuss career pathway options. 

Take the First Steps