Free College and Career Advising

Take advantage of free live one-on-one counseling and receive weekly text reminders about college and career planning. Chancellor Banks has outlined a bold vision for New York City: through a reimagined student experience that centers career-connected learning, all students will reach long-term economic security. In line with that vision, with the support of College and Career Advising programs, NYC high school students and their families can use free College and Career Advising to continue their journey with passion and purpose.

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Resources for Students 

Free College and Career Advising: Live 1-on-1 College and Career Advising 

Speak to a College and Career Advisor. Log in with your NYC Public School login.  This service is available every Tuesday through Friday, from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. 

Get Text Reminders with Deadlines, Information, and Opportunities

Sign up here to get College and Career text messages and receive weekly texts that will help you lock in your plans and get the help you need to explore, prepare, apply and transition to your chosen path. 

Connect with Your School Counselor 

Students should schedule a one-on-one meeting with their school counselor or someone they trust at their school to discuss their postsecondary plan and the transition support they need.

Remember, the goal of this meeting is to:

Resources for Families 

Parents and guardians can find resources to help students in their New York City Schools Account (NYCSA)


Financial aid is available for every pathway a student might choose. Learn more about these options on the Understanding FAFSA website.