Getting Support

If you need help or have questions about your child's special education programs and services, there are many resources available.

Speak to Your Child’s IEP Team

Your child’s IEP team may include their teacher, related service provider, school psychologist, and/or school social worker. If your child attends preschool, a charter school, a private or parochial school, or a non-public school contact your Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) or Committee on Special Education (CSE).

What do CPSEs do?

The CPSE coordinates special education evaluations and services for children ages three to five.

What do CSEs do?

They will help you as your child moves to school-age special education services.

Meet with Your Child’s Principal

The principal will discuss your concerns with you, create a plan to resolve them, and support school staff as they implement the plan.

Get Help from DOE Staff in Your District

  • Contact the Family Support Coordinators with your Community or High School Superintendent (DOE public district school students only)
  • Contact the District 75 Superintendent’s Office (if your child attends a District 75 program) by emailing or calling 212-802-1500

Get Help from DOE Central Office Staff

Request Mediation

Mediation may be requested without an impartial hearing request, at the same time as an impartial hearing request, or after an impartial hearing request has already been filed.

You can request a mediation in writing by emailing the impartial hearing office at Include the following information:

  • Your child's full name and the address where your child lives.
  • Your child’s ID number (if you know it)
  • Your child’s birth date
  • The name of the school your child attends
  • Your name and contact information, including email.
  • Your description of the problem, with as many facts as you know.
  • The solution you want the DOE to provide.

If you prefer to submit it by mail, send the original to: Impartial Hearing Office 131 Livingston Street, Room 201 Brooklyn, New York 11201.

You may also fax your mediation request to the Impartial Hearing Office at (718) 391-6181. The New York State Education Department does not accept receipt of mediation requests.

Please keep a copy for your own records.

Mediation Request Form: You can use the Request for Special Education Mediation form to help you write your request, but it is not required. This completed form should be attached to the email.

Request an Impartial Hearing

You can request an impartial hearing (also known as a due process hearing) if you believe your child did not receive a free appropriate public education or reasonable accommodations. This is a legal proceeding before an Impartial Hearing Officer, who is not an employee of the NYCPS.

  • A resolution meeting will be held to discuss the issues in your complaint.
  • If you would like mediation instead of a resolution meeting, please make that request to the parties listed in the "Request Mediation" section above.

Learn more about Impartial Hearings.

File a Complaint with New York State

If you believe that the school district has violated federal or state law related to education of students with disabilities, you may submit a written complaint to the NY State Education Department.

File a Complaint with NY State.