PEP Members

Contracts Committee Members

  • Geneal Chacon
  • Gregory Faulkner
  • Angela Green
  • Alan Ong
  • Thomas Sheppard
  • Aaron Bogad

    Aaron Bogad is the Staten Island Borough President's appointee to the PEP. Since 2015, Aaron has been a member of Community Education Council 31 and was the elected President of CEC 31 for the past three years.

  • Alan Ong

    Alan Ong previously served as president of Community Education Council D26 and maintains years of experience in multiple roles with Reuters America Inc., Thomson Reuters LLC, and Refinitiv.

  • Dr Angela Green, Chairperson

    Dr. Angela Green has extensive experience in education, most recently serving as principal of Richard S. Grossley Middle School 8 in Jamaica, New York, before retiring in 2018.

  • Geneal Chacon

    Bronx Representative. Ms. Chacon is a parent of three public school students and a parent association president and School Leadership member at P.S. 277.

  • Gladys Ward

    Gladys Ward is an administrative professional with more than 25 years of experience supporting C-suite executives and senior-level management in highly dynamic non-profit, corporate, private, and municipal sectors.

  • Gregory Faulkner, Contracts Committee Chair

    Gregory Faulkner has extensive experience working as an administrator, coordinator, and counselor, most recently serving as chief of staff for a member of the New York City Council.

  • Kaliris Salas-Ramirez

    Kaliris Y. Salas-Ramirez, PhD is a distinguished medical lecturer at the CUNY School of Medicine at The City College of New York. She has a doctorate in Neuroscience and her research focuses on health disparities, public health and behavioral development.

  • Karina Taveras

    Karina Taveras is a project manager with a solid history of success in managing construction projects and commercial and residential leasing projects — currently serving as a related home expert for the Related Companies.

  • Kyle Kimball

    Kyle Kimball currently serves as the vice president of Government Relations for Consolidated Edison (Con Ed), joining the company in June 2015.

  • Maria Kenley

    Ruth Maria Kenley is the proud mother of three boys. Her younger child is a child with special needs and challenges that has given her a wealth of experience that can be utilized in her new role.

  • Marjorie Dienstag

    Marjorie Dienstag is the mother of three children: two graduates of public and private schools and a current student with autism currently attending a District 75 school.

  • Sheree Gibson

    Sheree Gibson, CMP, an education advocate with experience working with youth and in education policy – followed her father’s example by getting actively involved in her child’s schools from Day 1 of nursery school.

  • Tazin Azad

    Tazin Azad is a mother of three public school children and Brooklynite since she had emigrated to this country. She is a hyper-local community organizer centering language access. She is also a parent advocate and an elected parent leader.

  • Thomas Sheppard, Vice Chairperson

    Tom is a proud dad to 6 children, 3 of whom attend public schools in the Bronx. He is a product of NYC Public Schools, a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, longtime parent leader, and education advocate.